With the development of the technology, the control of the computer on the machines has become inevitable and the CNC control of the apkant bending presses has become inevitable. The CNC control in the bending press ensures that the work done can be done better, faster and easier. Advanced technology Apkant Twist Presses have the advantages of more than one twisted pair, automatic or manual entry of measurements into the machine control panel, automatic and quick adjustment of the damping settings, adjustment of the twist speed and use of the machines in a more secure way. Advanced technology 160 tons pressure-applied apkant twist presses RAMSA Defense and Aviation, production capacity and invested machines with the right place in the sector has received.

We also serve with our Cnc Laser Cutting Machines with a cutting capacity of 20mm in sheet steel sheets, 15mm in stainless steel sheets, 12mm in aluminum sheets with 5000kW maximum with 1500x3000 measurements. Cutting and bending processes offer many advantages, enabling us to direct production faster.

  • Short time, low cost prototype work
  • More economical than machining
  • More flexibility in design
  • Short time and low cost production without requiring mold in small number of production
  • The most productive use of materials in production
  • The most efficient use of material in minium fired production
  • Protection of material by contactless cutting
  • Cutting without baffles and minimum roughness