Ramsa Defence and Aviation serves my country as a defense industry company focused on national and high technology with its expert staff in the 5th year of foundation. With the aim of realizing more innovative projects in technology fields such as machining, welded manufacturing, assembly manufacturing, arge engineering services, high technology robotic systems, wearable technologies, enhanced reality for defense industry and aviation with all qualifications and manufacturing capability, Ankara OSTİM Defense and Aviation It is an innovative company that takes its place in the cluster and continues its services.

RAMSA serves both the main industrial companies on the developing defense industry technology and at the same time develops the product in order to become the main industry with continuous renewal and development. It also contributes to the development of the country by exporting its products that it has produced and served as a supplier industry to many countries. With the recently established software unit in our own world, it shows a steady rise graph in development and innovation.