Our company can easily be brought into automation with our machinery manufacturing factory which is in the group of our group companies with advanced machine technology and at the same time we provide time, quality and personnel advantages to our customers by installing fast assembly machine systems. We can make progress towards serial production in the defense industry with special apparatus and machines for every stage of assembly

  • Bolting machines
  • Automatic welding machines
  • Quick fixturing machines
  • Fast cutting and bending machines
  • Automatic transport and docking machines


RAMSA DEFENCE and partners produces high-quality seamless rolled and welded ring blanks and disks for aircraft engine industry.

In the course of development and improvement of our ring rolling mill we commissioned a new hydraulic press manufactured by Schuler (Germany), which allowed us to improve precision characteristics of a ring blank by means of its accurate positioning at the table and, at the same time, preventing eccentricity during piercing and punching.

The new ring rolling mill of SMS Meer (RAW 400(500)-400(500)-6000-1200) provides for manufacturing of large-size ring blanks and disks with weight up to 12000 kg and diameter up to 6000 mm from heat-resistant steels and alloys, as well as heat-resistant and alloyed steels.

The enterprise has a modern stock of heating and heat treatment furnaces.

New and upgraded welding equipment is used for manufacturing of welded rings.